Who Are We?

We are a health care project serving the rural and marginalized urban communities in the municipalities of San Pedro Ayampuc and Chinautla, Guatemala. Since 1995 we have striven to improve the quality of life of the families that live in the local communities by providing services, programs and activities through an integrated health care system which includes the 3 focus areas of health education, health promotion/disease prevention and direct curative services. As a primary comprehensive health care program in an extensive service area, the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project provides access to affordable health care, as well as, implementing programs and activities which assist the population to develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve their own health and well-being. Over 90,000 persons per year receive direct benefits from our services, which include:

5 Medical Clinics
2 Dental Clinics
5 Community Pharmacies
2 Laboratories
Fluoride Program
Medical, Surgical and Dental Day Campaigns
Dental Health Education for Children
Healthy Habits Education Program
Community Health Talks
Environmental Health and Sanitation Program