The SANGRE DE CRISTO HEALTH CARE PROJECT embraces SERVICE as its primary reason for being...

•  Identifying in solidarity with communities of limited resources
•  Promoting the human dignity of each person
•  Creating an integrated health care system with educational, preventative and curative services
•  Sharing the fruits of love, peace, faith and hope that come from God




To create, promote and collaborate in programs which focus on formation and education in personal and environmental health issues.


To develop and implement preventative services which relate to personal and environmental health concerns in the local communities we serve, giving special emphasis to maternal/infant and school age children.


To offer accessible medical and dental services to the local communities we serve, as well as laboratory and pharmacy services at a reduced cost.

1990 Father Rafael Gama, S.J. opens a medical clinic at the Catholic Church in La Laguneta, Guatemala to serve the poor families of that area.
1995 In October, the Catholic Parish of the Blood of Christ assumes responsibility for the clinic under the administration of Sister Dani Brought, ASC and the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project is founded.
1996 A year of rapid growth and development as the Project expands to include five medical clinics, each with a community pharmacy, a dental clinic, a laboratory and programs that include health education, vaccinations, eye surgeries and environmental health and sanitation.
1997 A year to stabilize existing services and to establish coordination with other government and non-government organziations. Under the direction of Dr. Margo Young, CPPS the Project starts the Health Promoter Program. In September the Project receives legal status as a non-government, not-for-profit organization in Guatemala.
1998 The Project expands its outreach programs of prevention and education in health and sanitation providing services in 21 primary schools in the area. In November, the Project begins an integrated response to the needs of three new communities that were relocated to the area after the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch.
1999 Opened a new clinic and pharmacy in one of the resettlement communities for victims of Hurricane Mitch. At the same time we transferred the administration of another clinic to the control of the local Catholic parish in San Pedro Ayampuc.
2000 Celebrated fifth anniversary of the Project, and redefined the Project mission statement. Also conducted our first Surgery Campaign, with the help of volunteers from Dayton, Ohio, USA.
2001 Our Enivronmental Health and Sanitation program experienced rapid growth and expansion. Greater focus placed on continuing education for Project team members.
2002 Pope John Paul II visits Guatemala to canonize Hermano Pedro, and the Project participates on the National Health Committee and provides health care services on that day. Also opened a new clinic in Nueva Esperanza.
2003 The Juan Bautista Gutierrez Foundation named the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project as one of the top not-for-profit health/educational organizations in Guatemala. From a field of 139 participants in the Foundation's annual "Helping Those Who Help" program, we were awarded third place, which in addition to the national recognition also included a generous monetary donation to help continue the services of the Project. On May 18, 2003, the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project, along with the Maria De Mattias Secondary School Institute, celebrated here in La Labor, the canonization occurring in Rome, Italy of Saint Maria De Mattias, foundress of the religious congregation, Adorers of the Blood of Christ.

The Project is registered with the Guatemalan government as a not-for-profit organization (Associacion Civil, Proyecto de Salud Sangre de Cristo), and is governed by a Board of Directors, whose members for 2017 – 2020 are as follows:

• Lic. Duglas Alonzo, President
• Lic. Carlos Alfredo Jauregui , Vice president
• Licda. Rut Noemi Bran, Secretary
• Lic. Nelvi Elidi Quiñonez, Treasurer
• Licda. Olivia Judith Cáceres, Member-at-large
• Lic. Carlos Alfredo Jauregui, Member-at-large
• Mario Humberto Mus, Member-at-large
• Dr. Margo Young, CPPS, Member-at-large
• Fr. William Joseph Beuth, CPPS, Member-at-large
• Sister Dani Brought, ASC, Member-at-large