An important aspect of our Project is that about half of our revenue comes from user fees. We ask recipients of the services to help cover the costs of the services in order to promote individual dignity. Lessening an attitude of dependency which is counter productive to wholistic human development and providing a sense of personal responsibility for care received has been a goal of the Project since its inception. No one however is denied care if they are unable to help offset the costs of services.

The remainder of our revenue comes from institutional and individual donations. Other than the vaccines we had received from the Guatemalan Health Ministry, we do not receive any direct government funding. We also receive a number of in-kind donations and benefits from the generosity of our volunteers, including this website. No Project funds were used to create or maintain this site.

Our Project operates with very low overhead. We are fortunate to have space for our clinics donated by local parishes, community groups and other NGOs, which helps keep our fixed expenses to a minimum. The Administrative Director is a member of a US-based religious congregation and does not draw a salary from the Project. Our team members earn salaries typical of rural Guatemala. A full-time Project doctor earns about US$700 per month, while a full-time Project nurse earns about US$250. In addition we offer our team members full benefits plus continuing education opportunities.

100% of the annual budget is used directly for funding of services provided in Guatemala. Providing good stewardship of the resources given to us and wisely and efficiently using the funds available has permitted us to provide a wide range of services positively impacting the quality of life for over 90,000 people a year. .

  Financial Reports